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We are Please to offer the following Services:

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation (18 years and older) including:

  • Complete Medical and lifestyle Case History

  • Visual Inspection of the ear, ear Canal and Eardrum using Video Otoscopy (so you can see too 👀.)

  • Middle ear Pressure and reflex testing (Tympanometry and Immittance Testing)

  • Hearing Test (Pure Tone testing both air and bone) 

  • Speech in Noise Testing 

  • In-depth explanation of all findings

  • Recommendations to fit your personal needs and lifestyle.

  • Referrals to other medical professionals as needed.

Hearing Aid Services

  • Sales of all Makes and Models. We work with multiple Manufactures to ensure we are providing each client with the most appropriate technology to fit their hearing loss and lifestyle. ALL hearing aids come with a 60 day (2 month) trial/ Exchange Policy. Our goal it to make sure you are happy with the product you purchased.

  • Maintenance and Programming. All hearing aids come with a manufacturer 3 year warranty and 2 year Loss and damage coverage as well as a comprehensive 3 year maintenance program and care package. 

  • Repairs to all makes and Models. Whether you purchased your hearing aid from us or elsewhere, that's not a problem. We would be happy to have a look and see what we can do to help you. Please note: Some restrictions apply to hearing aids over 5 years old, set by the manufacturers. (it's always best to have us take a look)

  • Accessory sales: Wax Filters, Domes, Tubing, Cleaning Supplies, Batteries, Dry aid Kits, Battery Testers, Hearing aid Disinfecting wipes. 

Cerumen Management (Professional Earwax Removal)

      Geraldine is Certified in Professional Earwax removal. Specializing in the 3                                            Medically approved methods of wax removal.

  • Irrigation: using only the highest quality of equipment to provide a safe and comfortable removal of any ear canal blockage. The Earigator is by far a favorite in the industry for safety and comfort of clients. By regulating the temperature and pressure of the water flow in the clients ear canal ensures maximum results with maximum comfort. Often referred to at a Spa treatment for the ears. 

  • Suction: safest way to remove wax from the ear canal when there is a perforation of the eardrum.

  • Curetts: used to remove small soft pieces of wax from the ear canal manually. The fastest way to remove wax when appropriate.

   * Please note: Use of Q-Tips in ear canals can cause more harm than good. Use of Q-Tips can cause wax to impact in the ear canal, making it harder to remove and blocking off the ear canal entirely, it may also cause great discomfort or possible perforation of the eardrum. 

Custom Molds 

  • Swim Molds

  • Communication Molds 

  • Musician Molds and filters

  • Noise reduction molds

  • Sleep molds    

All molds come with a 90 day remake warranty. 


  • Amplified Telephones

  • Dry aid Kits

  • Personal Amplifier

  • Ear Itch MD

  • Oto Ease

  • Miracelle

  • AfterSwim

  • Ear Dryer

  • Earwax Removal kit and drops

  • Shake a wake alarm clock

  • TV enhancers

  • Emergency alert system

  • Personal FM Systems

  • Noise Protection

  • watches

  • TTY Systems (Teletype Phone system)

  • Baby Monitors

and so much more to help customize your hearing health care needs.

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