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   Client Testimonials


"I met Geri about mid way through my back to hearing journey. I had spent 10 years trying different hearing aids and different Audiologists, with the same results- not a happy customer. I suffer from profound bilateral sensorineural hearing loss so I knew there weren’t many options for me.

Geri very patiently worked with me and several hearing aid manufacturers to give me the best hearing experience possible with what I had left. After a few years I qualified for a Cochlear Implant and am now a bilateral implant recipient.

I am forever grateful for the hard work that Geri put in to keep the hearing centers of my brain alive so I could thrive in the hearing world.

Thanks to Geri, I went from unemployable to Management again."

Brenda Siemens- Elrose, Sask.



"One thing that stands out is the service that was given.

If there was any problem it would be looked at promptly.

I was loosing my hearing due to working in a noisy environment, once we found out how bad it was getting I tested out your hearing aids. For the first time in a long time I was able to hear thing clear as a bell. I am so thankful that I walked into your place that day.

Thank you for helping me hear things better again.

God Bless you and good luck."

Rick Shendaruk- Lashburn Sask.

As a senior who has worn hearing aids for close to 45 years I was pleasantly surprised to find a certified Hearing Aid Practitioner that actually wore hearing aids and knew exactly what I was talking about. Geri tested me – for the first time I might add – in a sound proof booth; as apposed to the kitchen table testing. For the first time ever I was fitted with hearing aids that worked for me. I was no longer fiddling with the switches or controls trying to get a comfortable volume or trying to decrease background noise – like all my coffee buddies who are constantly tinkering. 


I highly recommend Geri Ruzicka without any reservations whatsoever!


Arthur Finnell- Unity, Saskatchewan

Geraldine has always given me  great professional service and always with a smile . She  was very helpful to my sister from out east when she was working in our area, and when my Dad was in the hospital she went there to get his hearing aids working again. Whatever your situation Geraldine will go the extra mile to help.


Robin Dolittle- Lloydminster Alberta

Geraldine has always given outstanding service .

Everything from  quick timely bookings to  the time  she takes to  explain

your hearing loss and how to care for your new hearing  aids. My husband and I truly appreciate her help assisting us with the WCB application process to fund my husband's  hearing aids.

Morley and Cherie Johnson- Lloydminster Sask.

I have worn hearing aids for 34 years and it wasn’t until I was tested and fitted by Geri Ruzicka that I actually had the best fitting hearing aid available for me!

Geri provided me with thorough and comprehensive testing using a sound proof testing booth – similar to the testing I receive at the cochlear implant program at the Royal University Hospital.  She fitted me with the most appropriate and best quality hearing aids available for my type of loss. I have a progressive loss that requires a hearing aid with room to add volume; I had always been fitted with hearing aids for one level of loss and then had to purchase new aids.  I was purchasing new hearing aids before the old ones were even 3 years old. Even though I eventually received a cochlear implant in one ear I still wear the last hearing aid Geri fitted me with – its 10 years old now & still working like a charm. `I live 6 hours away but when I need to replace my hearing aid I will be coming to Assiniboia!


Sandra Kelly- Macklin, Sask.

It is with great pleasure that I thank Coolidge Hearing Care of Assiniboia for their kindness and their prompt service when I come to their office.

To say I was impressed is an understatement, their charm and their manner put me at ease, felt like I had known them for years.

As it is for a lot of men, getting hearing aids is hard, I had been to more than 1 Hearing Center and I just couldn't bring myself to commit to buying a set. Un till this time I thought it was nothing more than a money gimmick or something. I would wear the hearing aids now and then, but they would spend the rest of the time in my pocket, just like I saw my mom do for years.

Well, I was in for a surprise. When they got done giving me a test, they send me home with loaners for a couple weeks at no charge. During that time they worked with me, called to see how I was doing and had me back in for adjustments at no cost to me. I thought I needed to go to the high end level to get the best hearing, but Geri advised me for me that was not the case. She got me to try the lower level for a few weeks, if it didn't work like she thought we would then go with the higher model like I wanted. Just like she said, the high end model was not for me. The level she picked works great, plus I saved money.


What I liked most about Coolidge Hearing was the way they did things, no hassle, no sales pitch they gave me all the time in the world, and most important THEY DO NOT RUN THE OTHER COMPANIES IN THE GROUND trying to sell their line.

Give them a call, see for yourself, you owe it to yourself and your health to make an appointment. If you already wear hearing aids and are not happy, make the drive and check them out.

It took me 4 years and lots of driving before I finally found a clinic that knew what they were doing. 

In my books, things are black and white: Thanks again Coolidge Hearing Care.

Sam Kleinsasser-Rose Valley Colony, Verwood SK.

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